My Vulnerability is My Strength

My Vulnerability is My Strength

My vulnerability is my strength. Far too often we think that we have to “save face” and keep a brave face when things get tough. I feel this pressure especially as a movement educator/group fitness instructor. With social media documenting every moment, each thing that is shared is so highly curated. One Instagram may have taken 50 shots and multiple rewrites before it was published.

I always strive to be ME. I still don’t understand when people can’t believe I eat meat (I’m a yogi right? Shouldn’t I be a vegan?), or that I workout 24/7 and never am injured – all of which are untrue.
As I write this, I have fallen off my Whole30 wagon (been on the road for 12 days and traveling sucks), haven’t worked out for two weeks and have sore shoulders from carrying suitcases, backpacks and the Drool Model. And it’s OK. read more…

I’m Back!

It seems like forever since we last met, and it has been! My last article published on March 18th – since then I’ve led my first solo Roll Model Method Teacher Training, held multiple workshops around SoCal, officially launched my new brand AE Wellness, and oh yeah, GOT MARRIED!

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last 5 months, it is the artful skill of time management, organization, and being willing to let things go. At some point (about mid March) I realized there was no way I was going to be all things to all people in the way I wanted. I let some things go, and it was OK!

you, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection -BUDDHA.

This quote could not ring more true currently. How many times have you put the needs of others of your own? Just like the airlines tell you, always put your oxygen mask on first, because you are no help to anyone if you are passed out. read more…

Whole30 Day 8 or, Why Can’t I Stop Crying?

Have you ever thought about your emotional relationship to food or considered the idea that your brain is literally addicted to some of the compounds commonly found in our food? When you find yourself reaching for the chocolate bar at 3pm everyday, is it habit? Is your brain telling you that you need it? Or has your blood sugar dipped because the 4 meals prior didn’t provide ample nutrition? read more…

Put Your Drinking Water to Work!

Hydration goes beyond drinking the 48 oz a day. If all that water is only making you venture to the bathroom every hour, chances are it is only passing through and never making beyond your intestines. Our body is mostly water and all of your cells, tissues, and structures require hydration to do their normal cell functions. Without enough hydration into your soft tissues, your muscles and fascia become a desert wasteland – unable to effectively do their daily tasks at an optimal level. Water that you consume will continue to flush its way through your intestines unless you’re giving it a stimulus to go somewhere else, like your soft tissues.

While a formal study has yet to be conducted, dynamic ultrasound of the calf muscle before and after rolling with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls showed an increase in the amount of space between the superficial and deep layers of fascia. Basically – rolling literally makes you fluffier on the inside. The body does not allow for empty space, so whenever space is created, it is filled with fluid. In this case, the hydration that would normally be rushing through your intestines is now called into action to rehydrate and fill the in between layers of your muscle! More fluid means the cells can then clear waste products, draw in nutrients, and may increase the slide and glide of the tissues over one another. Motion is literally lotion. (Read more about this in The Roll Model by Jill Miller). read more…

Good Posture 101

What does good posture look like? Yoga Tune Up has done the work for you with this 6 basic tenets of good posture. Try to incorporate these while you stand to tune up your standing alignment, which will seep into your alignment while moving, sitting and doing the things you love! read more…

Sleep Training for Adults

You Snooze, You Lose

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I’m a recovering snooze button addict. Each morning when my alarm would go off, I would press the snooze button, convinced that getting up was not better than cuddling with the dog in our warm and comfy bed. You’ve probably done it too – the Snooze Button Tango, the back and forth of falling asleep and waking up every 9 minutes for however long it takes you before you absolutely MUST get out of bed. The Snooze Button Tango didn’t leave me feeling more well rested in the morning, but was certainly getting in the way of getting things done. The best thing I ever did for myself was clean up my sleep hygiene. read more…

Get Some Mindspace

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Downtown Las Vegas to experience the revitalization of the neighborhood while exploring the topic “Get Some Mindspace”. This event was organized by a company called “CatalystCreativ, an experience studio and small business funded by Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. They host a monthly Catalyst Week, which is a gathering of “creativ” minds for storytelling and idea sharing, that are available free to the community for learning and inspiration. Our week explored themes of mental health & wellness, mindfulness, and conscious living.

It was very cool to see the rebuilding of a community that now has a very small-town feel. For the locals and our group leaders, it was not uncommon to greet a familiar face while walking down the street, which is not a regular occurrence in Los Angeles.  read more…

Got sleep?

Most people need between 6-8 hours of sleep a night, but when you factor in work, family, workouts and life – only about 30% of us are actually logging that much time. I can’t even begin to emphasize how important sleep is for the function of your body. Without it, you’re more susceptible to stress, have trouble focusing, your metabolism goes haywire and cognitive function decreases. Don’t believe me? Check out this infographic about what happens when your brain doesn’t sleep! While a nap every afternoon would be fantastic, most of us don’t have access to that luxury. You’re only option to log quality sleep is at night, but what to do if you can’t unwind fast enough or need pharmaceuticals just to fall or stay asleep?

read more…

Resolutions, schmesolutions

In the first few weeks of every year, we are inundated with suggestions of how to improve our life, health or body by making resolutions. I don’t know about you, but resolutions usually just make me feel guilty when I slip up, leaving me feeling like a failure.

I’ve read a few things this year that inspire, rather than discourage me from creating new habits in 2015. One of my favorites was about living in the now. We spend so much time focusing on the future or feeling bad about the past that we forget to pay attention to this exact moment. Instead of worrying about what new resolution or workout you have to do later, tomorrow or next week – focus on what awesome things you are doing in this instant. I, for one, am feeling pretty badass about finally crafting the time to write a blog! #winning  read more…

Extension – Wrist Pain’s Nemesis

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend hours a day on a device of some size, with your hands holding on for dear life in a claw-like shape. I was always convinced that the tension in the topside of my forearm, the extensor compartment, was because the muscles were fatigued from hovering my wrists over my keyboard all day. Per usual, Dr. Dawn McCrory of Kinesis busted another body myth – that the extensors were not tight because they were shortened all day, but because they were overstretched and weak compared to the super strong claw grippers. read more…

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